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The purpose of a remedy is to serve as treatment for ailments and we at Re.med.y are focused on doing just that. Our mission is to create the most ideal growing conditions and well curated herb gardens to fully embody the healing properties of each ingredient in our high quality apothecary products.

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Michigan Native Rebel Beer Release at Ramshackle Brewery November 2nd!



A Family Run Farm in Michigan Since 2017

Re.med.y is a part of Rebel Farm, located on traditional territory of the Myaamia tribes, where we wholeheartedly embrace the honor of working with the land to create an environment in which all flora and fauna thrive in harmony. With the help of family, friends, a few state programs (WRP, etc) and mother nature herself, we have successfully resurrected the land to be a space where the intrinsic existence of all, indeed thrive. Inspired by regenerative based practices, we hope to inspire a movement towards more holistic living.

Most Popular Products

Re.med.y CBD Tincture

An ever evolving, small batch, plant extraction. Our tinctures are made from plants we grow on Rebel Farm. They evolve with the seasons and the plant companions that grow seasonal.

Re.med.y Tallow Balm

A true earthy floral and fauna product from the good earth. It is so pure you can eat it.

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Our Goal? Impact.

Impact the Earth

To grow regeneratively and in harmony with nature.

Impact Our Industury

To connect folk back to the land and nature through small batch locally grown products.

Impact Community

To grow a healthy, sustainable, and supportive community.

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