Field and Forest Mushroom Workshop Ticket


Join us on Saturday, October 2nd for a journey through our Rebel Farm fields and forest to discover and identify the wide range of fungi that grows in abundance here in southern Michigan. We will feature a special classification session to learn more about these amazing finds. Lunch made from locally grown and foraged foods will be provided, featuring Ramshackle Brewing and other local farmers and foragers. Lastly, the event will round out with a tea meditation with light body movement yoga led by Gracie Toth of Third Coast Herbal Collective who also perform live music. This is an event you won’t want to miss! And Hey, Its paw paw season!!!!!

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11:00 am  Mushroom Forage
This activity will be led by Fungi Freights of Detroit. Everyone will collect mushroom samples from the field and forest on an hour long walk.

12:00 pm classification of Mushrooms
We will focus on edible and medicinal. A lesson on identifying turkey tail and knowing the difference between this cancer fighting mushroom and similar fungi look alikes we have growing here on the farm.

1:00pm  Local Farm and Forage Lunch
Chef Madeleine Babour is preparing a lunch made from locally grown and foraged food. Barbara Kingsolver wrote “A hundred different paths may lighten the load of the world's suffering” in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Let us enlighten you on just how helpful the local food movement is for our world and perhaps meet some of the local farmers who grew our lunch. What's lunch without a locally brewed beverage? Our favorite brewery is coming to pour everyone a glass of locally brewed beer.

2:30pm Tea Ceremony
Gracie Toth of Third Coast Herbal Collective will lead a tea ceremony. The tea will be handcrafted herbal tea from right here on the farm and infused with Doxtor Dudemans mushroom healthy honey.  Bring your favorite tea cup and a yoga mat. We will sit in a circle and enjoy some easy body movement and tea. This will be followed by live music featuring Gracie Toth and community.


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