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Farm Garden Soap is made of ingredients sourced from local, organic farms here in Southern Michigan. It is great for softening, soothing, and moisturizing even the toughest skin. With the tallow base, milk, chamomile, calendula, and CBD, we have truly created a blend that will leave you glowing.

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Farm Garden Soap is made using ingredients sourced from local, organic farms here in Southern Michigan. The tallow is USDA certified organic grass fed and finished from Cross W Ranch. The milk is from Weathered Silos and the Herbs are from Rebel Farm, both of which use organic and regenerative practices.

 We use a tallow base because, as is the case with our skin, tallow is mostly a saturated fat so it naturally bonds. The fatty acids found in tallow gives it it’s softening, soothing, moisturizing properties and allows it to be easily absorbed into our skin. It is anti-aging and helps retain moisture.

The milk is used to infuse the herbs. The milk fats bind with the trichomes and absorb the plants healing power and fragrance. The infusion is made with whole herbs that have been dried and cured for optimal potency. 

The tallow, milk and herbs are strained combined and “cooked” with sodium hydroxide turning the mixture into a hard long lasting and sudsy soap that leaves your skin protected.  

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