Herbal CBD Smoke Blend


Our Herbal Smoke Blend is a blend of our Pinefruit CBD, mullein, raspberry leaves, hops, and peppermint. This blend offers fast acting relief from nerves and anxiety as well as anti-inflammatory properties. This blend will leave you feeling relaxed and alert.

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I am not a smoker. So why did I create a smoke blend? A few reasons! The smoking of various herbs enjoys a long history. Smokable herbs offer a quick delivery via the lungs. The blends can be formulated to help with a variety of things, generally, whatever the herb is known to do in your tea or tincture, it can do via your lungs FAST. I don't typically advocate for smoking but herbal blends have been known to help people step away from nicotine and they have helped folk calm down and carry on. And yes, you can also steep the blend and make tea too!

This particular blend has a base of mullein and red raspberry leaf which are both light and fluffy. The raspberry delivers a calming effect on nerves and the Mullein is known as a lung tonic. We have all heard of hops for beer but we grow hops on the farm for tinctures that help calm the mind and reduce anxiety, smoking them has the same effect. Our homegrown Pinefruit CBD has anti inflammatory and anti anxiety properties and a beautiful flavor without the psychoactive effects of cannabis. The frosting on the cake is the cooling vapor of peppermint.

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